Mostly short films and past school projects, here’s a few you’ll be able to find online. I did all the hard work for you, and put them all in one place. I should caution you, however, some of these are quite old. Brace yourself.

For projects under the Great White Buffalo Films banner, click here.


How NOT to Make a Prototype (2015)

Short skit written by Christopher Denise and Directed by May Yam.

Imaginary Circumstances (2015)

(Episodes 1 and 6). A web series about being a background extra. Written by Santino Ramos.

Gunfolk (2014)

A teaser for the upcoming web series. This is considered a “fantasy spaghetti western”. Written by Christopher Denise.

The Cleaner (2007)

The Cleaner is the story of Grace and her struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder. It affects her relationship with her husband, her job, and every aspect of day to day life. After a series of unfortunate events, her life begins to crumble before her eyes. Written by Michelle Fatale.

Essence (2006)

Short film from Mark Balunis. I have a beard. I play chess, poorly.

When Harry Met Willy (2006)

This was an entry to the 2006 Berkeley Cinesports Contest. Contestants had to write a script, film, and edit the short film in 8 hours. After that time, they were screened and awards were given.

Paraphilia (2005)

Originally, this was supposed to be a short film project consisting mostly of chase sequences. Those shots were then replaced with booze and blood. Why you ask? Simple; everyone has their strengths, so we left the running to Tom Cruise.

Masculine Choice (2003)

Filmed in a T.V. studio, Masculine Choice was our first attempt at selling an imaginary product that no one would use. We seemed to hit that right on the button. No one bought it.

Scratch that.

Cher bought a few boxes as a gift for Michael Douglas.

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