Casting Couch

September 3, 2015  /   By admin  /   No Comments

Normally when someone mentions a casting couch, we immediately think, ‘Oh, its definitely porn’ (that will be funny a little later, I promise). Well, that wasn’t the case when we held a casting call for my latest project, “Brook”. Let’s …

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April 10, 2014  /   By admin  /   No Comments

I’ve been carrying notebooks around for years, jotting down things that inspire me, drawing pictures, taping leaves to pages and coloring them over blank sheets. Not much different than elementary school I guess. Let’s fast forward a couple decades. Jeez, …

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Blinded by the Light

April 1, 2014  /   By admin  /   No Comments

As I stare out of my window into the blinding sun, I quickly realized I would actually go blind if I kept doing it. Go figure. So, here I am writing this, half blind. Off to a good start. I …

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